Wednesday, May 25, 2011


After months of trying to transition off of cheese...I have found success. A week ago I asked the universe for a little assistance, and a few days later stumbled over a link to the documentary film EARTHLINGS. Although I have seen footage similar to this, I had never made the connection as fully as I did last week. I have been vegan for 1.5 weeks now, and plan to stay that way. I just can't participate in this madness any more. I want to thank the filmmaker for having the courage to produce this film. And thank you to the thousands who have viewed this film...this is an act of courage.

I will be increasing my activity on this blog, sharing how I've made the transition one of ease instead of feeling deprived. Recipes, stories, photos to come.

I urge you to please, watch this film, it's free to view online (viewer discretion is advised, not for young children, must be 18 or older to view via YouTube). If you can't view it at, then use this link for YouTube. It is about so much more than dietary evolution. It gives an amazing overview of how we as a species have developed a horrific hierarchy to the animal that used to be revered and respected as mystical and sacred.

Watch the film. All the way to the end. Keep your eyes open, do not turn away. If you think it is too hard to witness, imagine how it must have felt to be the animal. At the very least these animals deserve to have their suffering witnessed, so that their deaths and suffering can serve as a teacher to humankind.

Thank you for listening...and for opening your heart and mind to a more compassionate way of life, for all of Life.

May all Beings Live in Peace,

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laura said...

Yay Marty! Feels good to take that next step, doesn't it? Sometimes I slip up on being vegan. Then I look into the eyes of a cow... no different from looking into those of my dog, cat or any other friend. Peace!